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What's Strong With You?

I’m Kathy Freeman, a qualified Personal Trainer and Nutritional Advisor based in Tunbridge Wells, with a wealth of knowledge and experience drawn from a life filled with a passion for sport, physical activity, general health and the place of mental and nutritional wellbeing within that.  


​Mind, Body and Soul are the elements we each need to make our own world tick and it can be hard to strike the right balance and confusing to cut through the mass of varying information or advice streamed to us all each day.   


​Being able to welcome you to my own private gym facility and calm environment, gives me a great opportunity to provide full focus on your own personal goals and apply realistic, progressive, adaptive, programs and sustainable nutritional advice.   


​If you’re heading into the Next Phase of your fitness and wellbeing journey and would like to work with me to progress then I’d love to hear from you.

Kathy Freeman Running

Ready for your
Next Phase?

If you’re heading for the Next Phase in your fitness and wellbeing journey and would like to work with me to progress then I’d love to hear from you

Fitness Facility

Exclusive Fitness Facility

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Areas of Focus

Menopausal Journey

Are you Peri-menopausal or Menopausal?

Well, me too! 


It can be a very difficult, confusing and frustrating time.  At 42 my body felt like a stranger that I needed to get to know again, I’m now in my 50's and having spent the last 8 years approaching my own journey with curiosity and applying an adaptive and researched experimental approach, embracing both nutritional and exercise changes - I have greatly improved and overcome my own symptoms to the point where I am now in much better shape than I was pre 42!


Everyone has a different experience and with an ever-moving target, I believe that it is beneficial to be able to adapt and one way to do that is to proactively add natural ammunition to our personal armouries that can easily be adopted into our everyday and run alongside other chosen treatments if necessary.


I provide a focused exercise and nutritional program that works to improve menopausal metabolism and promote self-exploration and direction.

Sports Specific

Do you have a preferred sport?


Strengthening for a specific sport reduces the risk of injury which in turn secures consistent participation as well as improved performance. After assessing individual needs and goals in conjunction with the sport, I produce a personalised training program to compliment.


My facility lends itself very well to triathlon training.  Do you need somewhere to focus in on, train and practice the necessary elements, or practice a full event distance, within the pool and gym or transitioning out onto the open road?  Practice your racking and transition set up all winter and you’ll reap the rewards when the triathlon season begins.


The private training Endless Pool is not only a lovely calm, private space to train and relax, it is a perfect facility to easily focus and review technique, improve endurance and inject varied training practices.  


The swimming version of a treadmill, it enables swimmers to swim continuously against a current or interval training, at preferred speed(s), distance and time.


Shower and changing facilities also ensure the whole training experience is hassle free. 

Areas of Focus

Kathy is such a positive person; she exudes energy and enthusiasm. Her teaching technique is really inspiring – she makes you feel so good about yourself and eager to train!

Whilst training for the Clipper Round the World Race with Kathy, her extensive knowledge ensured that I was extremely physically confident, in fact the fittest I have ever felt! Her energy is contagious, I couldn’t recommend training with Kathy enough!

Ellen O'B


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